Garbage in, garbage out. Our first order in hand is to ensure data points are well defined to make sure every campaign is fed with appropriate inputs. We don't merely just sit back and ask your IT team to jump through hoops for marketing automation, since we know that burns through many hard earned favors or work tickets. By looking at readily accessible data, not only do we actually make things work, we can actually spot new marketing opportunities by observing the source.

On top of that, we make sure data points are stored and sorted in appropriate modular manners that can be utilized by multiple processes plus any other future wonders that come down the road!

| Campaign Choreography

"A plan rarely survives first contact." As one of our favorite quotes, we know that even the best of automation plans and set ups require on the go support. We go beyond just flicking switches, and find methods, media, and messaging to make the bump actually appear to be part of the original performance.

With rigorous QA checklists and a pilot + copilot approach, you know each launch is professionally managed and not just a "scheduled" matter.

| Campaign Revitalization and Lead Capture

There's a clear demand for exclusivity, alignment, clear priority of information, and "edutainment". On top of that, we're lucky if a lead provides us three opportunities to give them a reason to stay engaged. With a clear and unique form of expression where we never enjoy saying the same thing twice, we know how to blend in current events and analogies to make a curious eyebrow perk up.

| Conversion Funnel Data Analysis

"Unique Lead by Lead Activity Based Lead Conversion Analysis" is one of our latest exciting data projects. We still develop new methods of tactical analysis to spot any new "tears in the fabric of attention spans". So why not apply a machine learning model with a group of data scientists? We know that not everyone has the luxury of spending that much time and resources to stage. Yet, we still run with a sufficient toolset to report and keep a pulse of things.

Let the large whales of the industry pursue their interpretation of the Philosopher's Stone, and we'll keep our eyes on meeting your conversion goals.

| UX Optimization + Value Storyboarding

We've actually tried to make our own consumer brands before, on top of working in multiple front end service positions. Even if we're giving away precious metals for free, we know that sub par customer expriences would still make it a forgettable low quality life event.

Having been in fortunate positions to advocate for user community growth, using pre and after service options to truly make a brand stand out, and a background in IT that has already gotten us acclimated to the fact that we must constantly find ways to delight users, we know that a lead's time is already a form of currency that needs to be converted.